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Three friends (an Ecologist, a Toxicologist and a Designer), each living in different parts of the world, collaborating together to promote sustainability to governments, corporations and individuals.

Together we hope to educate and inspire individuals with what we have learnt and experienced on the topic of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We will take action with both spontaneous and organised beach cleans and seek support from governments and local councils to tackle topics like single use plastic, waste and pollution. We aim to put pressure on big brands on how they package and deliver their products and we challenge them to re-think and re-design their packaging so both they and the consumer can reduce their plastic footprint.

Our planet and its inhabitants are under serious threat from pollution. Environmental responsibility starts with the individual. However small you think your efforts are remember that together  we can all make a big impact by changing our habits and our consumer behaviours; and in turn challenge the mindsets of big corporations to offer us sustainable solutions.

Meet the team

Rebecca Flanagan


Hey, I’m Rebecca and I am a designer and environmental enthusiast. Back in 2016 I founded Seastainability, a collaborative environmental group, with two friends. At that time Róisín, Aoife and I were all living in different parts of the world and I believed our shared skills and passion for the environment could help promote sustainability and environmental responsibility to a wider audience. As a designer I have previously worked in Germany, developing sustainable denim ranges for ESPRIT. I am now based in Ireland and after ten years developing clothing products, I have shifted my focus to Environmental Communications and Design. I enjoy exploring ways to live sustainability and I am currently studying for an MSc in Sustainable Development. Nature and being outdoors are my greatest passions, I only wish I could move my office outdoors and into the elements.

Dr. Aoife Parsons


I am an environmental toxicologist and I recently finished my PhD at the University of Exeter in the South-West of England. Earlier this year I moved to rainy Bergen on the west coast of Norway to take up a post-doctoral position at the Institute of Marine Research. My research interests centre around the impact of chemical pollutants on the environment and wildlife.  I have worked on several projects to date examining the effects of pharmaceuticals, flame retardants, nano-silver particles and pesticides on aquatic species such as fish and invertebrates. In my spare time I like hanging out with dogs, baking cakes, watching rugby, walking in the great outdoors and swimming in the fjords. I have always been passionate about the environment and I hope that by joining the Seastainability team I can share with you the concern I have for the well-being of our planet and maybe (just maybe) together we can make a small difference.

Róisín NigFhloinn 

roisin Bio pic-01-01

I’m Róisín, the Ecologist! Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with wildlife and the workings of the natural world, spending hours as a kid searching in rock pools or identifying insects! I have been formally studying the natural environment for more than ten years now; having completed a degree in Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin (specialising in Botany), a Masters in Ecology at the University of Bristol and gaining a career as an Ecological Consultant. I now work for a lovely family run business in the wild West of Ireland – and I’m in my element being surrounded by coastline and mountains! Through our work we aim to minimise the impacts of development on biodiversity, promote sustainable development and provide ecological training and education to organisations. When Rebecca suggested setting up Seastainability back in 2016 I was delighted to assist her and Aoife with our mission of spreading environmental awareness at home, and further afield – and it’s been a great adventure for us three ever since!